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Summary: The WagerlabTools listserv supports the use and development of the tools on this page and our broader codebase.
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Core Tools
Last updated: See Github
Summary: These are the core tools for univariate and multivariate fMRI analysis. These functions are also used in multiple toolboxes, and should be on your Matlab path (with subfolders) if you are using any of the other toolboxes.

This version is SPM2/5 and 8 compatible, and compatible with 3-D or 4-D analyze files (.img). They should also read Nifti (.nii) files as well. Not all combinations of platforms/SPM versions have been tested, so please report bugs or other problems.

Download and documentation

Mediation Toolbox
Last updated: See Github
Summary: Single- and multi-level mediation search tools.

Download and documentation

Inverse Logit Hemodynamic Response Estimation Toolbox
Last updated: 5.26.2013
Summary: This toolbox will estimate parameters for a flexible hemodynamic response function (HRF) using three superimposed inverse logit functions. The HRF is fit using seven parameters, and can capture a variety of HRF shapes, including sustained activations. Main inputs include a data timeseries and indicator (stick) function for the onsets of events. The function can be used with ROI timeseries or incorporated into whole-brain HRF-estimation tools.

Download and documentation, in the HRF_Est_Toolbox2 subfolder of CanlabCore

Genetic Algorithm
Last updated: 8.14.2012
Summary: Optimize experimental design for fMRI. SPM99, SPM2, SPM5, SPM8

Download and documentation, in the OptimizeDesign subfolder of CanlabCore

Robust Toolbox
Last updated: 8.14.2012
Summary: Robust second-level analysis of brain imaging data - includes visualization tools, but requires SPM2/5/8

Download and documentation

Visualization: CANlab 3dHeadUtility
Last updated: 3.17.2014
Summary: 3-D volume visualization and movie tools (used with robust toolbox and mediation toolbox)

Documentation, and download in the Visualization_functions subfolder of CanlabCore

Summary: Multilevel Kernel Density Analysis

Documentation and download

Last updated: 8.14.2012
Summary: For additional documentation see our WIKI: http://wagerlab.colorado.edu/wiki/doku.php/help/fmri_tools_documentation

Download and documentation, in the hewma_utility subfolder of CanlabCore

Diagnostic Tools
Last updated: 8.14.2012
Summary: Tools for fMRI quality control, design matrix checks, spike identification, checking normalization of functionals to strutural, and more. See in particular: scn_spm_design_check.m, scn_session_spike_id.m, scnlab_pca_denoise_session.m, scnlab_norm_check3.m, effect_size_map.m NOTE: Some functions may require other toolboxes! e.g., OptimizeDesign required for scn_spm_design_check.m

Download and documentation, in the diagnostics subfolder of CanlabCore